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Rüdiger Gleisberg interview by hulladekvadasz.hu - Hulladekvadasz.hu

Rüdiger Gleisberg interview by hulladekvadasz.hu

Rüdiger Gleisberg was our guest on International Nature Film Festival Gödöllő, gave an interview for the team of hulladekvadasz.hu. Rüdiger has been famous of his soundtracks for Hollywood production named „Blade„, but he composed soundtracks for many nature films.

Rüdiger Gleisberg

The Artist in his Studio. Photo: Rüdiger Gleisberg

Can you tell us what was your motivation to be a composer, when and  how did you find it in your life?

Music was always fascinating for me. In the youth age, the desire to work as a musician developed. But, of course, my parents – like probably all anxious parents – were not enthusiastic about this idea. So I studied music as a music teacher.

How do you characterizes your music and what is your main message for the people with it?

With my music I have no special message. I want to express feelings, make music, move emotionally, tell stories, stimulate dreams. Create images in the listener’s head, create soundscapes that may be new in this way.

What was your greatest success and your biggest work in your composing career that you proud of?

Success is a difficult word, it is about financial success, great reviews in newspapers or the productions that you consider to be important? Most people would probably count to my biggest success that music was used by me for the Hollywood movie „Blade”, which was very successful. I myself see the culmination of my creative work in the CD „Symphonic Arts”.

How do you meet with the nature films and have a contact with enviromental protection?

The topics nature and environment have already interested me as a youth. I have already committed myself as a student for environmental protection, like “Greenpeace”, (in addition to activities in the area of human rights, animal protection, etc.). My hobby, cultivating plants, is still complementary. So the path to the nature film was not far.

Which part of the environmental protection is close to you and how do you serve it with your music or with voluntary acitvitiy?

I believe there must be a fundamental change in consciousness. And this then has consequences for our ruthless consumption behavior. As it is known by indigenous cultures that man sees himself as part of nature, with gratitude and humility, only that can save us. I try to live this idea with my family. We get our vegetables from an organic farmer from the region. I drive an eco-car (or by bicycle), we live in an eco-house. We eat no meat and try to produce as little waste as possible.

What do you think about waste management in the world and mostly in your country? 

It begins in the minds – the „coffee-to-go” mug, which is thrown away thoughtlessly –  and ends in politics. We will soon have more plastic waste in the see than fish – that speaks for itself.

In Germany, a rethinking of a part of the population and politics begins, but we are still far from an ideal deal with ecology and nature.

You were the juror in the jury of International Nature Film Festival  in Godollo, how do you like this assignment, the works and the whole  festival?

I really liked the festival in Gödöllő very much! I’ve been a part of the jury, and it was a difficult job, because all the films  I’ve seen were very good. I was able to score a lot of points!

Rüdiger Gleisberg’s artist work is very recognized by hulladekvadasz.hu and wish him much success in his composer career!

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